Bali feels like a .. mmh.. fourth home to us. One of our favourite families moved there a while back ago, so from then on we kept the yearly trips going. This year was different as Bonnie and I got to catch up there. Oh and the kids. And Nick joined us for a few days (and took home a naughty tick that had him stay at the hospital for two weeks!), we saw friends and surfed and ate and wandered and scootered and ate again. And got some serious pool time in. Well, everyone but me, pools make me itchy. Ehhm, yes, what a good week. As to be expected – with friends and sunshine!

balinese flower petals

surf pool

surf pool

surf pool

girl in balinese pool

mom anddaughter portraits

swim goggles

twin teens


don't steal my kindle


orange B


pool float

yellow sunshine

pool eye

pool session