Summer of 2019

Like every year for school summer break we were headed for Germany. Lucky for us, my parents have room for us and pretend not to be annoyed with our presence too much. No seriously, we get very spoiled for weeks and it’s the best. On top of that the kids lucked out with their school – 9 full weeks no school. So we spent a little over 6 weeks back home, in Dresden.
This year was special in a sense that it was packed with big life event highlights. Weddings, birthdays, weekends with friends and the usual madness that is catching up only twice a year filled our days. And it was so good! As an introvert I usually need way more alone time than I get when being with the kids pretty much non stop, but for some reason, it was fine.
We swam, rode bikes, ate cake, had cocktails (well I did), no one went to bed before 11, no one got up before 9, saw our favourite people, and just generally had a really good time. It kinda also led to being so caught up in moments and present that I hardly took any photos and if at all, most with my phone. Only one roll of film (average is 3 a week..) in 2 months.
Anyways, it was good! I love summer!

summer feet

stausee lake swim

kids heads

summer in europe

bilzbad radebeul

summer yellows

farm utensils and potatoes

friends on a roll


champagne time

champagne on a river

shadow plays

friends having a break


good morning kiss

breakfast surprise

father and daughter

playground friends

daughter and dad

mum pushing daughter

siblings arguing

sinalco moment