Hi There, I’m Teresa!

pronounced tay-ray-sa incl. a german accent

I love colour, people and light and feel most inspired when these three magically match. Photos that move me, images that capture something of the subjects soul - this is what I am drawn to. To show the beauty that is in everyone - with all their highlights and shadows - is what I love to do.

I believe in honesty and authenticity. When people are willing to let down their walls and expectations around perfection, magic happens. Real beauty becomes visible, their stories, their uniqueness and laughter shine.

I want to capture moments in a way that take you right back to how you felt right then, that make you feel something. Document your story, your life here and now, in your happy places and your home. My sessions are fun and playful and most of all natural. Nothing like the stiff and cheesy photography most of us know well from the past. No one needs to behave or pose in weird ways. I’m sure you have enough “smile at the camera” shots on your phone. But how many photos do you have of you in it or even of the entire family that are not posed? That are the real you, the you being together the way you are, right now? These are the images that will be so much more interesting and precious in the years to come.

You want to capture your kids’ spirit, their character. The way they curl their toes when reading or they stick out their tongue out when doing homework.

I’m drawn to easy-going and edgy people who don’t care too much about conventions and rules. Who feel weird at parties where everyone else seems to be very much at ease. Who would rather go on an adventure then on a fancy night out. Who prefer real talk over small talk. I’m an INFJ-T so no surprise there.

I love sunshine, surfing and our island beach life, exploring and yes, sleeping. I’m into the arts, love drawing and playing around with materials, both conventional and unconventional. I'm starting to prefer analog over digital photography more and more for that reason. We travel a lot and our kids are way too comfortable at airports and on the plane. In our free time my family and I spend most of our time outdoors. Often at the beach, kicking a ball, surfing waves or reading a good book (well that would be only me).

I am not restricted to working solely in Hong Kong. Germany and Australia are my other homes, I’m in Bali multiple times a year and I love to travel the world.

Roadtrip with kids through California teschka_teresalaqua__F3A8186-2
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Kind Words

I LOVE Teresa's photos!! Her warm-heart and fun-loving nature comes through her every shot. I recommend her for capturing your very special occasions.

Kay & Maya

Kind Words

Thank you so much for this awesome collection of photos. We love every single one, and there are so many! You captured all of us exactly how we are. (and made us look good too!) The girls felt super comfortable too and it shows. Oh and the photo album is now the most favourite bed time story book in our house.

Tobi & Julia

Kind words

Ohhhh! All of the pictures are just gorgeous. It's hard to pick a favourite as they are all so beautiful. The boys are so well captured, love it. I have looked at them so many times and aren’t tired of them yet. It was such a fun and easy going morning too!

Bianca & Andi