And Then They Were Six

This awesome family recently had twins which made them a family of six. We wanted to capture a late summer afternoon of their first summer together. We met near one of their favourite playgrounds at the River Elbe in Dresden. The open space, super relaxed babies, a fun 3 year old, a cool tween and two very easy going parents made this session heaps of fun.
Even when editing I had a huge smile on my face. These guys just make it look so easy juggling around four kids! We had planned on a rather short session just to make sure it’s not too much for the twins but they couldn’t have cared less – they started crying when we called it a day and not a second earlier 🙂

family photo with 4 kids

family photoshoot with 4 kids

mother, baby and son

Family photo near the river Elbe with 4 kids.

Mother, baby daughter and tween son

newborn twins and parents

family photo with four kids

family photos with newborn twins

young boy on strider / kleiner junge auf laufrad

Family photo with four kids

tween boy on longboard / junge auf longboard

Ein kleiner junge auf Laufrad / A ittle boy on strider bike

boys and their toys

boy jumping with longboard / junge spring mit longboard

family shoot at river Elbe

boy on strider bike looking proud

boy on longboard

cute boy looking back

father and daughter laughing at each other

Mother and daughter and son.

candid family photo

twins on a blanket at a family shoot

twins touching their hands

mother and daughter cuddling while the twin boy sleeps.

family photo with twins and a young boy

young boy having fun

twin boy and girl sleeping on a blanket

family cuddling at a family photo shoot

twin boy crying

father and son moments

parents of twins enjoying time together